The 7 Best Drag Queen Podcasts

Best Drag Queen Podcasts

Drag queens are everywhere right now: at brunch, on TV, and in radical, oppressive legislation. Without saying a word, the very image of a drag queen is a polarizing statement, so what happens when you give her a microphone? Don’t let the glamor and glitz fool you –– these queens have a lot to say. As drag continues to boom in the entertainment world, queens everywhere have taken their voices from the stage to your earbuds, and while the rhinestones may catch your eye, their quick wit and compelling conversations are just as sure to make your ears prick up.

However, like wigs and heels, it’s hard to tell what podcasts are worth investing in, so we’ve sifted through all the gowns and jewels to bring you the seven best podcasts hosted by the unabashed voices of drag excellence.

Very Delta

Like Goop, Poosh, and all the greats that came before, Very Delta isn’t just a podcast. It’s a lifestyle. Emmy Award-winning drag queen Delta Work perfectly balances a tongue-in-cheek self-awareness and exasperated earnestness when she describes the show as a “Luxury Public Access Podcast where she looks gorgeous, speaks extemporaneously, and invites fascinating guests on to get ‘Very Delta’ with her.” What makes Very Delta special is that it’s all about the minutia, digging deep into questions about where to buy luggage and the best way to open a ketchup packet.

The crown jewel of each episode is Delta’s frequently viral rants about things that annoy her, drawing her audience into relatable, albeit niche, opinions about things that are “Very Delta.” It’s hard to say exactly what makes something Very Delta, but Delta Work makes her assessments on a case-by-case basis. Always returning your grocery cart? Very Delta. Having a toe ring? Very Delta. Owning the complete first season of Silk Stalkings: Crimetime After Primetime on DVD? Very Delta. If you’re looking for a show that’s kookie, relatable, and an absolute scream, then you must be Very Delta.

Dating is Such a Drag

Lady Portia (aka Marcus Hunter-Neill) and soulmate coach Jeanne Sullivan Belleci take a deep dive into dating as an adult in Dating is Such a Drag. Leading with compassion, the two hosts take calls and letters from people all over the world. Portia and Belleci expertly guide each conversation, allowing callers and guests to take up space, which has resulted in incredible, real-life stories of acceptance and self-actualization. Dating is Such a Drag arms listeners with important information and applicable advice, like online safety and dealing with narcissism. If you’re looking for dating tips, life advice, or maybe just a heartwarming story, this is the podcast for you.

Queen of Hearts

Host and four-time RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Jujubee combines blind dating with sexual chemistry in Queen of Hearts. Known for her wit and authenticity, Jujubee brings a fresh take to this modern dating show, understanding that sexuality and attraction are important elements of finding the right person. Each episode features one single looking for their true love-for-now in the hearts (or bodies) of three faceless contestants. The contestants and singles get to know each other through personal, and often explicit, stories while also testing their compatibility through silly yet revealing games.

This show is refreshing not only because it’s frank about the importance of sexual compatibility, but also because the contestants are real people looking to find someone vulnerable and honest. As more fans of dating shows start to wonder if the contestants are there “for the right reasons,” listeners of Queen of Hearts don’t have to worry if the contestants are only trying to boost their Instagram followers. The connections, or sometimes lack thereof, are so honest that they come through clearly, even just through audio.

Hi Jinkx!

Right from the title, Hi Jinkx! makes you understand why Jinkx Monsoon is the only two-time winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race (Season 5 and All Stars 7). Her wit and compassion abound in every conversation and diatribe, making guests and listeners alike fall in love with her each passing minute. Rather than leaning on a bit or a concept, the entertainment value of this podcast is found in the fascinating conversations and details that Jinkx extracts from her guests’ rich lives, told through stories as they chat lightheartedly about how they got to be who they are. From Kristin Chenoweth to Kevin Aviance to Ronan Farrow, the podcast stays fresh and exciting with a mix of A-list stars, queer icons, and contemporary activists. If you’re looking for a breezy, giggly podcast, you’re probably looking for some Hi Jinkx!

Sibling Rivalry

Bob the Drag Queen (winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8) and Monet X Change (winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4) combine comedy and an inspection of society in Sibling Rivalry. Whether the topic is fundraising, social media, or body image, the hour-long episodes fly by thanks to the pair’s hilarious banter as they flip-flop between arguing and celebrating each other like only siblings can. Each will push the other’s buttons and egg them on by playing devil’s advocate on an issue, or sometimes even completely fabricating stories just to get a reaction. And it works. Their extraordinarily close friendship gives them freedom to push and challenge each other both comedically and earnestly, resulting in endlessly entertaining and frequently profound episodes.

The Bald and the Beautiful

When listening to comedy duo and drag stars Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, absurdity is the name of the game. Originally centered on the beauty industry, their purely comedic podcast, The Bald and the Beautiful, has slowly devolved into an hour-long, unstructured conversation between friends, chatting about whatever comes to mind. No matter where you think the conversation is going next, you will undoubtedly be surprised. This is the podcast for you if you’re solely looking for laughs, chuckles, and a few guffaws. Since they frequently retell stories without realizing, any episode is a perfect entry-point into the hilarity and chaos of The Bald and the Beautiful.

1 For the Table

For makeup mogul Kim Chi and Youtube cook Jon Kung, there’s one topic they’re always ready to dive into: food. On 1 For the Table, the two friends and food enthusiasts discuss every aspect of why food means so much to them. Their soothing voices, like good comfort food, take you on a calm journey as they reveal the relationships, nostalgia, and memories that eating creates. The hosts also keep each episode fresh by frequently changing the podcast’s structure. Some focus on a specific dish or cuisine, while others bring on a guest to discuss their life, tastes, and favorites. As long as it’s about food, nothing’s off the table. Since the hosts go into mouthwatering detail about the world of food, make sure to have a snack on hand.


Ryan Lark is a freelance writer and podcast critic living in Lexington, Kentucky. He can be reached on Instagram (@ryanonalark) and by email at [email protected]