3 Podcasts to Listen to in May

May 2023 Podcasts

Each month, Podcast Review’s staff offers recommendations on the best new podcasts to listen to. Here are our favorites for May:

Pod Save the UK

You might believe the coronation is the most exciting thing coming out of Britain this month. But wait until you hear about Pod Save the UK, the long overdue companion podcast to Pod Save America. Granted, the name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but this production by Crooked Media and Reduced Listening is exactly what the island nation needs amidst stagnant economic growth and a beleaguered NHS. Hosts Nish Kumar and Coco Khan manage to put a light-hearted spin on such events. The choice of Kumar, a comedian, as a host seems fitting. While America contends with seemingly life-or-death issues daily, at least they managed to vote out their national embarrassment. Amid Brexit and Boris’s gang of conniving bozos, a majority of British voters appear resigned to their dire predicament. It requires an extraordinarily humorous host to transform that into entertainment. We’re keen to see how Kumar and Khan fare in this endeavor.

Think Twice

Think Twice, co-hosted by Leon Neyfakh and Jay Smooth, tries to locate Michael Jackson’s legacy in 2023, four years after “Leaving Neverland” brought molestation allegations against him back into the spotlight. The podcast explores the paradox of how these widely accepted allegations can coexist with Jackson’s music, which remains cherished and omnipresent. Think Twice initiates a deep dive, starting with an investigation into the state of Jackson’s legacy when the accusations first surfaced in 1993. There’s even a cameo by Stephen King.

Ten Thousand Things

Shin Yu Pai’s exploration of symbolic objects in Asian American culture is back for a second season, though it has shed its original title, The Blue Suit. The inaugural episode of this new season delves into the topic of name changes with poet Ebo Barton, investigating the manifold meanings imbued in a name and the potential power that a name change can bring. New episodes are released every Monday.


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