The 10 Best Podcasts for Runners

The Best Running Podcasts

All you need is a pair of sneakers. This romantic notion about running may not be completely true (you also need the right clothes and a safe place to run), but it gets at the primal appeal of the sport’s simplicity. Runners run for many reasons — to chase goals, escape stress, connect to nature — but whatever your goals are, if you run, you are a runner. There is immense power in propelling your body through space fueled only by your own endurance and grit. Perhaps this empowerment explains why runners often adopt the hobby as part of their identity.

With COVID-19 closing gyms, cancelling exercise classes, and forcing everyone inside, we’re all looking for new ways to exercise and get outdoors. Running fits that bill. If you’re looking to lace up your sneakers and head out for a jog anytime soon, running podcasts can make for a great introduction to the sport. Here are the ten best podcasts for runners to educate, motivate, and inspire no matter where you are on your running journey.

Ali on the Run Show

In a sea of interview-style running podcasts Ali on the Run stands out. Ali Feller started her show with the goal of talking to inspiring people about running and beyond. Now with close to 300 episodes under her belt, Feller is a pro. The Ali on the Run Show keeps it fresh with a variety of guests ranging from the expected professional runners to inspiring everyday people. In her “On the Job” series, she interviews female runners with unique jobs. Among the women featured are a Disney World casting coordinator, a Broadway performer, a COVID-19 researcher, a pilot, and a funeral director. Feller’s enthusiasm and genuine interest in her guests is infectious, making for a unique and joyful podcast to be enjoyed by running beginners and pros alike.


“I don’t make a habit of starting races, books or pizzas that I don’t intend to finish,” says DNF host Zoe Rom. Rom doesn’t like to quit, and she knows she’s not alone. The Did Not Finish (DNF) is a dreaded race result for any runner. The DNF podcast is about quitting and failure: how it feels, what it means, and how to grow from it. Rom masterfully weaves together her narration, peppered with literary and historical references, and the stories of her guests, resulting in a gripping, motivational podcast. Rom’s guests, who range from professional runners to bloggers to coaches, tell stories of their failures, both in running and in life.

DNF uses relatable hardships such as addiction, depression, job loss and the death of a loved one as context for her guests’ successes and failures on the trail. The show is masterfully edited, well written, and digestible at 20-30 minutes per episode. It feels like an elevated reimagining of the running podcast genre. If you want a running podcast that is versatile enough to quote Joan Didion, this one’s for you.

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Humans of Ultrarunning

I first listened to Humans of Ultrarunning in the midst of a post-run, endorphin-fueled deep dive into ultramarathons. My research led me to the podcast’s host, Candice Burt. Known in the ultra community as the “Queen of 200s,” Burt is credited with popularizing the extreme 200-mile ultramarathon distance through her trio of 200-mile races. Listening to Humans of Ultrarunning, Burt’s genuine love and passion for running is apparent. The format of Humans of Ultrarunning is familiar — interviews with professional runners and other big names in the ultra community — but Burt’s enthusiasm and laid-back attitude make these interviews sound like conversations between friends. Burt also provides the occasional episode that breaks the interview formula with a more narrative style, featuring stories of love from the trail or poetic recountings of her own experiences racing.

Running on Om

Listening to Running on Om is an exercise in self care. After pressing play, you’ll be met by host Julia Hanlon’s melodic voice backed by acoustic guitar. Running on Om is not exclusively running focused but instead highlights women who are dedicated to endurance sports and the outdoors. Through interviews with female endurance athletes, the podcast aims to explore the connections between mind, body, and spirit. This connection to spirituality is where Running on Om finds its niche. To Hanlon and her guests, running is more than just exercise — it’s a way of life.

300 Pounds and Running

When a doctor called Martinus Evans fat in July 2012, he decided he would run a marathon to prove him wrong. He did just that and fell in love with running along the way. Evans started a blog to document his journey and a few years later that blog gave birth to a podcast. Today, Evans is still running, and hosts The 300 Pounds and Running Podcast with friend and fellow runner Latoya Snell. Evans and Snell talk about everything running from training tips to more serious topics like racism in the sport. They advocate aiming for progress not perfection, loving one’s self unconditionally, and “chasing values crushing goals.” Evans and Snell are funny and real. This is the perfect podcast to listen to while running; you’ll feel like you’re out on a run with old friends.

Run to the Top

Run to the Top gives listeners a little bit of everything. The podcast’s expert hosts answer listener questions, talk about the latest running news, review running-related research, and interview scientists, nutritionists and everyday runners. With new daily episodes posted Monday through Friday, you are never at a loss for content. The most unique offering from Run to the Top is Coach Claire Bartholic’s science-heavy audio blog released every Monday, which answers complex training questions such as “How to Diagnose Runner’s Knee” and “Are Your Calves Strong Enough?” These episodes are jam-packed with scientific studies, data, and concrete advice all while clocking in at a compact 10 minutes.

Another Mother Runner

Seasoned marathoner and mother of three Sarah Bowen Shea helms the Another Mother Runner empire. AMR centers on the intersection of motherhood and running. On the podcast, Shea is joined by a variety of co-hosts and experts to discuss their experiences as mothers who run. They cover relatable topics like dealing with your period and running, finding a sports bra that fits, the effects of exercise on sex, and the potential benefits of CBD. For Q&A episodes, Shea is often joined by fellow mother and AMR co-founder Dimity McDowell. Shea and McDowell cultivate an accepting, judgement-free community in these episodes as they offer advice and solidarity for their listeners.

Becoming Ultra

What does training for an ultramarathon really look like? With Becoming Ultra, you get a peek behind the curtain. Expert coaches Scott Jones, Ellie Greenwood, Amanda Basham, and Ian Sharman take ultra virgins under their wing and the listener along for the run. The experience levels of the ultra-aspiring athletes featured on the show vary from tapping out at 10 miles to multi-marathoners. They also vary widely in age (from 20s-50s), location (from California to North Dakota to Vermont), and occupation (from a banker to a pastor to a nurse). These disparate runners are bonded by their common goal: to run a 50k in four months time. Weekly updates on how physical and mental training is progressing allows the listener to form a bond with the featured athletes and root for their success. This distinctive format allows listeners to glean unique insight into a coach-athlete relationship. The podcast’s structure also makes past seasons an enjoyable binge.

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No Meat Athlete

Since 2014, No Meat Athlete has been preaching the plant-based lifestyle with a relaxed, non-judgmental, informative approach. Hosts Ben Benulis and Matt Frazier present well-thought-out, listicle-style episodes like “10 Simple Vegan Lunch Ideas” and “Your First Marathon: 9 Things We Did Wrong.” These episodes combined with interviews of high-profile, plant-based athletes make up the backbone of No Meat Athlete. The show is incredibly useful and informative for plant-based runners or runners considering eating less meat. And it is complete with athlete-centered facts, tips, tricks, and inspiration in every episode. Once you get into Benulius and Frazier’s groove — each episode begins with the two hosts catching up on each other’s lives — it is clear why No Meat Athlete has an army of devotees.

Billy Yang Podcast

Billy Yang’s experience as a filmmaker gives his podcast a unique texture and narrative continuity. Yang is an intuitive interviewer, able to weave moving, emotional stories out of his conversations with athletes, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Serving as a throughline for the podcast, Yang’s love for running and the great outdoors is apparent and infectious. Yang also posts video accompaniments to be enjoyed with his podcast on his YouTube channel, which immerse the listener into Yang’s story even further.


Jemma Howlett is a runner and graduate student based in Syracuse, NY. Email her at [email protected]