9 Terrific Podcasts by Trans and Nonbinary Creators

Best Trans and Nonbinary Podcasts

These days, media consumers hear more about transgender and nonbinary folks[1] than ever before. But how often are those TV shows, films and, yes, podcasts actually made by the people they represent?

When I was developing the podcast Gender Reveal in late 2017, the only other trans-focused podcast I could find was How to Be a Girl — a truly excellent show, but one created by a cisgender woman. While trans podcast hosts and producers were certainly out in the world creating stories, it took many months of searching (and networking and conference-attending) for me to find their work.

In 2019, we are lucky to have a wealth of trans-made audio content. Some shows are explicitly about gender identity, while others about pop culture, or sex, or racism, or fairy tales, or cults. Few, if any, are given the resources, support and attention they deserve.



NB Podcast

1. NB

Likely the most highly-produced radio series ever made about nonbinary gender, NB follows BBC producer Caitlin Benedict as they explore their newly-realized gender identity with the help of a friend, the writer and drag performer Amrou Al-Kadhi. Over the course of eight episodes, Benedict and Al-Kadhi introduce us to a refreshingly diverse array of trans artists and activists, such as Museum of Transology creator EJ Scott and London Queer Muslims founder Martin Hasani DiMaggio.


Queersplaining Podcast

2. Queersplaining 

Audio producer Callie Wright originally founded her show as the Gaytheist Manifesto, a chatcast that explored the intersection of atheist and LGBTQ activism. After more than 100 episodes, Wright recently relaunched her podcast as Queersplaining, a narrative nonfiction show that thoughtfully covers everything from trans friendships and post-vaginoplasty sex to the criminal justice system and the U.S. trans military ban.


Hoodrat to Headwrap Podcast

3. Hoodrat to Headwrap 

Multi-hyphenate Ericka Hart (sexuality educator, speaker, model, breast cancer survivor, etc.) hosts the lively Hoodrat to Headwrap: A Decolonized Podcast with their partner, writer Ebony Donnley. Tune in every month or two for an intimate discussion of racism, gender, gentrification and other vital topics as viewed through a queer Black lens.

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Queer Sex Ed Podcast

4. Queer Sex Ed  

What if sex education classes actually taught you useful, inclusive information about sex? On Queer Sex Ed, hosts Sara and Jay explore oft-taboo topics like kink, sex work and reproductive justice, all from a queer and trans perspective that encourages healthy boundaries and communication.


Food 4 Thot Podcast

5. Food 4 Thot 

The only show on this list that might have a cisgender co-host (Tommy Pico didn’t respond to my intrusive gender inquiries), Food 4 Thot somehow manages to be both delightfully raunchy and touchingly heartfelt, often simultaneously. Hosted by a “multiracial mix” of four queer writers, the show features silly reoccurring segments alongside thought-provoking discussions of sex, dating, culture, identity, literature and more.


One From the Vaults Podcast

6. One from the Vaults

Billed as the one and only trans history podcast, One from the Vaults promises plenty of “dirt, gossip, and glamour.” Host Morgan M. Page digs deep to bring listeners new stories of LGBTQ icons (think Sylvia Rivera and Stormé DeLarverie) and tales of noteworthy transsexuals throughout history.


Flyest Fables Podcast

7. Flyest Fables

Radio producer Morgan Givens couldn’t find joyful fantasy stories starring children of color to share with his young nephew — so, he created his own.  The result is Flyest Fables, a serialized fiction podcast that captivates kids and adults alike with “hopepunk” tales both fantastical and modern, nostalgic and totally new.


Growing Up Moonie Podcast

8. Growing Up Moonie

The excellence of Growing Up Moonie has been discussed elsewhere on Podcast Review, but ICYMI: Hideo Higashibaba spent the first 22 years of his life in the Unification Church, a cult whose followers are colloquially referred to as Moonies. In this seven-part podcast, Higashibaba explores his complicated relationship with the church, including how his identity as a queer and trans person of color made it necessary for him to leave.


What The Trans!? Podcast

9. What the Trans!?

Hosted by Michelle O’Toole and Ashleigh Talbot, What the Trans!? is your one-stop shop for transgender news and pop culture from the UK and beyond. Lengthy bi-weekly episodes (42 minutes is considered a “minisode”) are often packed with guests, from local politicians to big names like (Pose actor) Billy Porter.

Additional recommendations: Never Before with Janet Mock; Public Trans Podcast; Transmission; Call Me By My Name Project; Masculine Birth Ritual; Trans Specific Partnership Podcast; Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness; also I’ve heard Gender Reveal is pretty good lol.

[1] Throughout the rest of this article, I use “trans” as an umbrella term that includes nonbinary folks as well as trans men and women.


Tuck Woodstock is the creator of Gender Reveal, an award-winning podcast about trans and nonbinary folks. They’re also a journalist, a gender educator, and a 2019 Third Coast presenter.